Game Environment (UE4)

A game environment created in Unreal Engine. Showcases all original assets, modeled and textured by Jonathan DeLeon. The project spanned over 10 weeks.

Final Broadcast (VR Game)

The game’s main story revolves around The Player character and their quest to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. In the main quest, they must learn to live and travel in the solar system, and navigate different customs and languages in order to find more of the humans who escape the fallout. There is a sense of trying to communicate and …

Untitled Game (Spring 2019)

<Untitled%0Game> is a VR game being created by Missy Griffis and Jonathan DeLeon. Solve puzzles and seek adventures that link you to new worlds. Play alongside your friends in a networked VR game. Expected Release date of Spring 2019


Update 2: Improved movement system!!! So the user now has near complete control of their horizontal speed. Update: there are now somewhat working obstacles and a health system (also the beginning of a boss fight) This game is still very much in development. In fact all you can really do right now is fly around, witness some creepy events (in-game …