Advanced Pantomime Acting

SCAD assignment for Cartoony Animation. Pick a two poses and animate the transition between the two. Scene was rendered with Vray, animated with Maya, composited in After Effects, and 3D modeled with Blender. The rig used is the Malcom 2.0 rig.

Animation Breakdown

This was my final assignment for SCAD’s cartoony animation course. It’s a breakdown of the shot progression. (Top to bottom, left to right): Reference video, Blocking, Tween, Render. Audio from Parks and Rec. Rendered in Vray. Animated in Maya using the Malcom 2.0 rig.

Decumbent Diorama (WIP)

A diorama of a Dota 2 board game (more information and renders to come). This is a concept piece for a VR game that I’m currently working on.

Storyboarding Final (SCAD)

This is for educational purposes. Music by Disasterpiece . For SCAD 721 class, Story-boarding and Pre-visualization.