Motion Capture and Unreal Engine

Bellwether – Episode 2 Trailer – A SCAD Student Partial Open Source Series This project was in fulfillment of the SCAD animation graduate program as my final thesis. If you’d like to learn more about the project or read the published thesis, the link can be found below. Here is the abstract for the thesis and the purpose of it …

How to Knight

This was a collaborative film which I was lucky enough to help on as an animator. We used Flash CC to animate and color.

Mini Golf, Big Heart (Promotional)

Mini Golf is a fake trailer I co-wrote and directed as a means of promoting the Five16 Film Festival (held annually at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul). The short is a docu-comedy about Wayne and his “devoted” catty Peter taking mini-golf to driven new levels, regardless of those it effects. If you’d like to check out our script, I’ve included …

The Catalyst (Promotional)

The Catalyst was a short promotional trailer I was asked to help out on by the director Jared Myers. My primary roles were: on set help and special effects. The special effects shots were done using Blender(as a 3D modeling tool) and Adobe After Effects (as a compositor).

AWAKE (Short Film)

In the year 2036 a company called SERN builds a sleep machine that will drastically reduce the amount of time needed to sleep allowing for better economical use of ones time. However, with the use of these machines, SERN also made it impossible to sleep without them giving them worldwide control within a matter of days. This short story follows …

Too Helpful

This was a long take exercise. How we did it: As soon as it started Laticia ran the fog machine in front of the door. As Jonathan approached we turned off the fog machine for better sound. When Forrest opened the stall, Jordan crawled right past him and hit under the sink. Next, I passed the camera across the sink …

Day 106 (Short Film)

A boy follows his normal daily routine, as he begins his 106th day of searching for his parents. The short was produced in one week, by 7 students of The University of Northwestern – St. Paul.   (Left to right: Andy, Patrick, Jazmine, Becky, Lauren, (myself) Jonathan)