Fantasy Crowds Simulation (Maya, Houdini, After Effects & Unreal 4)

The homecoming of warriors to a fantasy realm. Made with Houdini, Maya, Unreal Engine, and After Effects. Responsible for all Houdini Crowds Agent Setup and Simulation Rigs and Animations from Mixamo. Set kitbashed using Unreal Assets. Compositing work done in After Effects. Camera work done in Maya Music “Home II” by Dotan

Layout Reel

The layout and camera work of Jonathan DeLeon. Responsible for all camera work and scene layout. 1. Bellwether – Responsible for all Camera, 3D layout, and animation 2. Fantasy Crowds – Responsible for Camera, 3D layout (assets are kitbashed), and crowd sim. 3. Arch Viz – Responsible for all Camera and 3D Layout