Crowds Reel 2022 (Public) / Personal Work

A demonstration of my work as a Crowds Artist. Responsible for the final Crowd simulations. This reel also includes some 3D Keyframe animation and Motion Capture cleanup. Title Card 1 – Gen:Lock Crowds – Houdini and Maya Animation 2 – Fantasy Crowds – Houdini Crowds and Unreal 4 3 – Stadium Crowds – Houdini Crowds 4 – Gen:Lock Crowds – …

Layout Reel

The layout and camera work of Jonathan DeLeon. Responsible for all camera work and scene layout. 1. Bellwether – Responsible for all Camera, 3D layout, and animation 2. Fantasy Crowds – Responsible for Camera, 3D layout (assets are kitbashed), and crowd sim. 3. Arch Viz – Responsible for all Camera and 3D Layout