Advanced Pantomime Acting

SCAD assignment for Cartoony Animation. Pick a two poses and animate the transition between the two. Scene was rendered with Vray, animated with Maya, composited in After Effects, and 3D modeled with Blender. The rig used is the Malcom 2.0 rig.

Animation Breakdown

This was my final assignment for SCAD’s cartoony animation course. It’s a breakdown of the shot progression. (Top to bottom, left to right): Reference video, Blocking, Tween, Render. Audio from Parks and Rec. Rendered in Vray. Animated in Maya using the Malcom 2.0 rig.

Fantasy Crowds Simulation (Maya, Houdini, After Effects & Unreal 4)

The homecoming of warriors to a fantasy realm. Made with Houdini, Maya, Unreal Engine, and After Effects. Responsible for all Houdini Crowds Agent Setup and Simulation Rigs and Animations from Mixamo. Set kitbashed using Unreal Assets. Compositing work done in After Effects. Camera work done in Maya Music “Home II” by Dotan

Stadium Crowd Simulation Setup (WIP)

This is a demonstration of crowds work to fill up a soccer stadium, and to show how much life it can add to the story, even while not being the focus. Music is “Nonfiction” by Joshua DeLeon – Responsible for all of the Crowds setup. Animations and Rigs from Mixamo.

Motion Capture and Unreal Engine

Bellwether – Episode 2 Trailer – A SCAD Student Partial Open Source Series This project was in fulfillment of the SCAD animation graduate program as my final thesis. If you’d like to learn more about the project or read the published thesis, the link can be found below. Here is the abstract for the thesis and the purpose of it …

Crowds Reel 2022 (Public) / Personal Work

A demonstration of my work as a Crowds Artist. Responsible for the final Crowd simulations. This reel also includes some 3D Keyframe animation and Motion Capture cleanup. Title Card 1 – Gen:Lock Crowds – Houdini and Maya Animation 2 – Fantasy Crowds – Houdini Crowds and Unreal 4 3 – Stadium Crowds – Houdini Crowds 4 – Gen:Lock Crowds – …

Untitled Game (Spring 2019)

<Untitled%0Game> is a VR game being created by Missy Griffis and Jonathan DeLeon. Solve puzzles and seek adventures that link you to new worlds. Play alongside your friends in a networked VR game. Expected Release date of Spring 2019