Super Summary

From Activision Blizzard QA to Crowd Artist at Rooster Teeth. // MFA SCAD animation graduate, with a strong love for crowd simulations.

While animation and crowds are my focus, I do enjoy working in all parts of the production pipeline with my free time. Modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting and rendering, are all interesting and fun to me. So with that in mind, I use my linked ArtStation account to be a home for my artwork in general. There (as well as on my website archives) you’ll find an assortment of my work. Feel free to message or ask me about any of it.

(Also, since you’re reading this, I’ll let you in on a secret project I’m working on).

Jonathan DeLeon
“Never let your joy of creating be overcome by a need for validation.”Jonathan DeLeon
contact form will be back shortly! Spam filter stopped working. If you need to reach me, please visit my linked in or contact me through Thank you!