Game Environment (UE4)

A game environment created in Unreal Engine. Showcases all original assets, modeled and textured by Jonathan DeLeon. The project spanned over 10 weeks.

Untitled Game (Spring 2019)

<Untitled%0Game> is a VR game being created by Missy Griffis and Jonathan DeLeon. Solve puzzles and seek adventures that link you to new worlds. Play alongside your friends in a networked VR game. Expected Release date of Spring 2019

Decumbent Diorama (WIP)

A diorama of a Dota 2 board game (more information and renders to come). This is a concept piece for a VR game that I’m currently working on.

Animation Reel 2018

This video was created to showcase some of my Animation work. My key drive in animating is storytelling.